GentlemanOtoku Explains: The Male Protagonist (Harem/Love Comedy)

Definition: The main character in a traditional (heterosexual) Harem or Love Comedy anime.

Common Traits: The main male character in Harem or Love Comedies will almost always be described as Average. In terms of personality, most of these protagonist fall into three categories:

The Meek (Girls Bravo)

This protagonist will be the least aggressive of the three. He’s not particularly confident, smart, or brave. His biggest strength is his heart. Out of the three protagonists, he’s the most consistently kind and considerate. He’s a schmuck, but he’s a nice schmuck.

The Everyman (Tenchi Muyo)

The Everyman– this protagonist is usually the most balanced of the three, but unlike the Meek Protagonist, he does have a temper. He’s also not above “sneaking a peek” if the situation presents itself. He’s just a nice guy with a bit of a backbone.

The Pervert (Student Council’s Discretion)

This protagonist is the most emotional and brash of the three. He often gets into arguments with the other characters, usually for the stupidest reasons. In a genre where sexuality plays such a large role, the other protagonists either act oblivious or flustered, but the Pervert revels in it. He’s got good points, but their buried under a mountain of teenage hormones.


Appeal: The role of the male lead in a Harem or Love Comedy is not to lead, but to attract. They act as lightning rods for the combustible elements of their world. They’re the classic straight-man in a world full of madness. They’re purpose is to amplify this madness though a lens of normalcy. In this manner they also act as a mirror of the audience that allows us to either live vicariously through them, or react alongside them. This is why the “Pervert” protagonist is the rarest type of protagonist, because they act as part of the madness instead the opposite.

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