Amnesia Anime Review

Amnesia Anime Review

I think this is going to be a long one.

Here’s the synopsis: This story takes place in a fictional town, in a fictional country, in a fictional world. One morning, a young lady awakens to find that she has lost all her memories prior to that morning. Her life, her relationships, her very name—all gone. All that’s left is a cell phone with numbers and names she doesn’t recognize and Orion, a young boy that only she appears to be able to see. With Orion’s guidance, she struggles to make sense of herself, a boyfriend she doesn’t know and the thousand and one little things that make up a daily life. But with no memories left, the only alternative is to forge new ones, even if that means leaving old loves behind.

The last couple months, I’ve had bad luck with anime. They would either get too boring for me, or I was just never interested. I finally sat my ass down and watched Madoka Magica, but that ending was so damn depressing that I needed something light and girly to pick my spirits up. I shuffled through my options and picked Amnesia without even caring and it hooked me from the first episode. If you read the paragraph above, you know the basic jist. Girl (who in the descriptions is called Heroine, but I’m going to call her Barb) wakes up on August 1st and seems to have lost all her memories, including the identities of all the sexy men she seems to be surrounded by. There’s a “fairy” type boy that only she can see/hear named Orion who tries to help her gain her memories back, but he’s not around half the time so I didn’t see much of a point to him. I guess if I want to go into this review properly, I should section it out by guy.

Amnesia ShinShin:After the first couple episode of her figuring out that she’s lost her memories, meeting Orion, and meeting her basic friend circle, she wakes up to see that the date is August 1st again. Orion is not around, and Shin just comes walking through her apartment door like “Sup babe?”. Barb just stands there with her blank face. Shin eventually figures out that she lost her memories because she’s acting weird. He tells her that they were childhood friends and they’ve been dating for 3 months. He takes her all around town, pointing out her college, her work, places they would go together, and Barb is just like NOPE. (I should note that he forces a couple kisses on her to see if she has any reaction) After spending a lot of time with Shin, she comes to like him.

Amnesia IkkiIkki: Once she finally falls for Shin, she crosses a street and a bright light comes! She wakes up and gets a phone call from some dude named Ikki who says he’s outside her door. She casually looks at the date and it says August 1st. Dun Dun Dun! Being the blank faced blow up doll that she is, she gets dressed, goes outside and sees that Ikki is surrounded by a bunch of fan girls (He literally has is own fan club). He shoos them off, pulls her close and apologizes for all his lady fans. Barb, still possibly thinking that she is suppose to be with Shin, just stands there like “Whaaaaat?”. They go on a date, they go to work together, and eventually they go on a work trip together. All of Barb’s female co-workers warn her that Ikki never stays with girls long, only 3 months. Ikki’s fan club also happens to be going on this trip so Barb is pushed aside while some rude ass bitches hand all over Ikki. Barb doesn’t mind and enjoys some outside time by herself until she is approached by Ikki’s fan club. Saying things like “You need to break up with him, it’s been 3 months, it’s our turn now” They threaten her with violence if she doesn’t comply. Barb then realizes that it’s not Ikki who breaks up with girls after 3 months, it’s Ikki’s crazy ass fan club! She then gives into him sweetly and they kiss cutely.

Amnesia KentKent:Ikki’s fan chicks push her into the lake and she just falls and falls, deeper and deeper. Not even trying to get air and then everything goes white. She wakes up standing outside of her front door with her typical blank face. She suddenly gets a text from Kento! He’s like “Hey ho, meet me at the maid cafe”. She’s like okay whatever and her eyes casually glance over the date. August 1st. For one second she’s like “Oh shit” then she’s like “Meh whatever, guess I’ll go to the maid cafe!” If this was me, by now, I’d be rolling around in the middle of the street yelling random obscenities. Back to the story, she meets Kento at the cafe and he basically tells her that she was being rude a couple days prior but he was going to work on their relationship. It should be said the Kent is very mathematical and almost seems emotionless. He gets his dating knowledge from books he’s read. They spend time together and Barb really opens up with Kento. With Shin and Ikki she was just blank facing it and not saying anything. With Kento, she eventually lets him know about her amnesia and even tells him about Orion. He tries to help her figure things out and eventually they hold hands. Awww.

Amnesia TomaToma:As she’s crossing the street with Kento, a car suddenly comes at them and then bam! The world changes. She’s still at the same crosswalk but this time a cute blonde guy named Toma pulls her back so she doesn’t die. Toma is really protective of Barb and has huuuuge jealous issues. Every Wednesday on Barb’s calendar is a note that says “Meeting with Ikki.” Barb even gets cryptic texts from Ikki which prompts Toma to pretend that her phone is broken and then he gives her a new one that he has total control over. Barb also found a diary of hers that she can’t open, but she feels like some answers will be explained in it. Some bad stuff starts happening to Barb so Toma makes her stay at his place. For a while, all she does is sleep. Every time she wakes up, Toma hands her a cup and makes her drink it. Orion eventually figures out that he’s mixing sleeping pills in with her drinks so she will never leave him. She figures it out and stops drinking what he gives her. When he sees her trying to escape, he forces her in this animal cage thing and makes he stay there for days. Toma usually works from home, but his boss called him in so he had to leave Barb alone for a while. Barb still wants to get to her diary so she breaks out of her mini jail (Wtf? Why didn’t she do that before?) and runs to her apartment. She breaks into her diary and finds that she’s always loved Toma since they were kids, and she was about to confess to him on August 1st with the help and advice of Ikki. Toma busts into her apartment all angry like and Barb goes “Just read my damn diary!” Toma reads it and feels like a dumbass and they get all happy and mushy together. This whole scenario has me “WTFing” the whole time. “Oh, don’t worry about locking me up for weeks. I know you just wanted to protect me.”

Amnesia UkyouUkyou: Ukyou shows up in all of the scenarios. Typically he seems like a crazy stalker person with his creepy laugh and he even tries to attack Barb in the Toma timeline. But other times he seems gentle and nice. Throughout the whole anime you’re trying to figure out what his deal is. When Barb’s world shifts again and she is thrown back to August 1st, she runs into Ukyou who basically just passes by and tells her not to go to certain places at certain times because bad things will (and do) happen. We eventually find out that Ukyou and Barb were dating but not long after, Barb died in a University explosion. Ukyou was so devastated about Barb’s death that he kept putting her in alternate universes with hopes that she will live. But if Barb lives, then Ukyou must die. So since dying over and over again would make anyone crazy, Ukyou begins to have an alternate personality. (Hence why sometimes when we see him, he’s cray cray and sometimes he’s just normal) Ukyou tells Barb that this world is trying to kill her because she’s not meant to live. In the end they have a crazy talk in a burning fire and Ukyou ends up stabbing himself so Barb can live. Barb forgives him or something (I really didn’t understand that bit) and Orion’s main God grants Barb and Ukyou to both live because…well I don’t know why, but they get to.

Amnesia HeroineThis anime took me for a ride. Once I began to like a pairing, it would switch to a new one. The main character (Barb) bothered me quite a bit. While she was cute, all she did was stare into space and say “Uhhh..ummm.” All the other characters did most of the talking so they were basically talking to themselves. I enjoyed the anime up until the last episode because I feel like the “explanation” of Orion and Barb’s future we’re just confusing/weird.