Sailboat Cosplay Photoshoot

Seattle Area Cosplay Photo Shoots Now Open

If you live near the Seattle area or you are planning a trip here, we would be more than happy to set up a cosplay photo shoot with you!

We’ve updated our information! Please CLICK HERE for updated info on booking photoshoots with us in the PNW!

Information we need:
– What you will be cosplaying as and let us know if you will have any sort of props.
– A location or location type you have in mind. For example, “Discovery Park” or “Something with a city scape”. If you don’t have a preference, we would be more than happy to help pick a location.
– What days you prefer. Please provide us with at least 2 days that work for you.

Information you need:
– If it is raining the day of the shoot, the shoot will either be postponed for later in the day, or canceled (unless indoors). We will most definitely reschedule with you if it is possible, and if not, a refund will be provided.
– If it’s cold, please bring a heavy jacket or blanket! We want you to be comfortable in between shots.
– If you are doing a shoot alone and you don’t feel comfortable, bring a friend. They can give you support and help you out with your costume šŸ™‚
– Please contact us for photo shoot pricing.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask. You can contact us at,

Here is our portfolio: