Q: Where are you located?
A: We live in the awesome city of Seattle!

Q: How can I book a photoshoot with you guys?
A: If it’s a local shoot (Puget Sound area), just send us an e-mail to: info@elitecosplay.com  or check out our post on local shoots for Seattle, Portland and Vancouver B.C. We do ask that you give us at least 10-14 days advanced notice if you want a local shoot.
For photoshoots in other locations, first, check out our photoshoot location list for the current year. We typically start booking shoots about 2 months prior to us going to the location. Our facebook is a really great way to keep up about when we open our photoshoot sign ups.

Q: Why did you start this website?
A: We wanted to have a site that helps cosplayers and cosplay photographers with great content but is also interactive. We hope to integrate more interactive content in the future. Like a forum? Maybe.

Q: How does a photoshoot work with you?
A: Check out our blog post about how photoshoots with us go!

Q: Can I suggest a tutorial, review or video?
A: Certainly! We are always looking for suggestions. You can leave comments in related posts or you can e-mail us at: info@elitecosplay.com

Q: Can I write an article for Elite Cosplay?
A: Not at the moment. We’re re-working the way we post around here, but when we figure it all out we will let everyone know!

Q: Can you give me a picture without your logo on it?
A: We only give logoless photos for things such as cosplay prints. If you want to make cosplay prints from a photo we took, please contact us.

Q: Will you guys be coming to (insert town)?
A: We try to go to as many towns as financially possible. We use all of our own personal money to attend and airfare + hotel can get pricey!