Cosplay Shoe Painting Tutorial

How to Paint Shoes for Cosplay

Finding the right color of shoe for your cosplay can be difficult or maybe even impossible. Even painting your own shoes can be hard with cracking and creasing. SO LET’S PAINT A SHOE WITH NO CRACKING! (Video tutorial at the bottom of this blog post.)

Supplies for this tutorial:
– The shoe you’ll be painting (Ideally a tan or white color, but black was all I could get for this style of shoe)
– Paper towels
Painters Tape or Masking Tape
– Magazine pages or Newspaper
Design Master Colortools Spray

First thing you’re going to want to do is take the coating off of your shoe by rubbing acetone on it with some paper towels. Be sure to do this on all of the surfaces you will be painting.

Cosplay Shoe Painting Tutorial Cosplay Shoe Painting Tutorial

Next, take some painters tape or masking tape, and cover any surfaced you do not want painted. For my shoes, the only thing I didn’t want painted was the inside.Cosplay Shoe Painting Tutorial

NOW SHOVE THAT PUPPY FULL OF NEWSPAPER. This will help expand the shoe so when you put your feet in, there won’t be any cracking or creasing.Cosplay Shoe Painting Tutorial

Now we spray. Shake the floral spray really well (a little longer than regular spray paint) and spray back and forth in nice smooth motions.Cosplay Shoe Painting Tutorial

BABOOM! Here is the final result with my cosplay add-ons on top. Floral spray is very flexible and I haven’t had any problems with cracks or creases after wearing these multiple times.Cosplay Shoe Painting Tutorial

Hope this tutorial helps! If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment and we will try to answer it! We also have a video version here: