Kickass Anime About Kickass Chicks: Elfen Lied

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This was my first anime. I’d seen Princess Mononoke and a few of the really Americanized anime, but never anything with subtitles. I saw a music video montage of the show and have been an anime freak ever since.

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The main character, Lucy is just as cruel as she is powerful, which of course means I fell instantly in love with her— especially because she has a split personality, her other half being Nyuu, who has radical amnesia and is beyond adorable. This split is really similar to Moka’s in “Rosario + Vampire” (Also a kickass anime about a kickass chick). Oh, and did I mention she has cute horns that look like kitty ears? Well, yeah, she does. AND, she has a bunch of super long, super powerful, completely invisible arms that she uses to dismember those who oppose her, just saying.

Anyways, there’s lots of gory killings and tearful love confessions; not to mention the fact that the plot narrates nearly every childhood horror you can go through from bullying, alienation, death of a family member, and abuse. It’s a mashup of cute and terrible that’s simply irresistible! (And, the soundtrack ain’t too bad either!– Be your girl and Lilium)