Top Childhood anime

Marija’s Top Five Childhood Anime

My Top 5 Childhood anime, I grew up in the 1990s so I decided to just focus on those.

Tenchi Muyo

5.) Tenchi Muyo

    I didn’t get Cartoon Network much as a kid, but when I did and when I stood up I remember seeing Tenchi Muyo. I loved Ryo-Ohki, I thought she was adorable! After all these years this anime still sticks out in my memory.


Monster Rancher

4.) Monster Rancher

    This show wasn’t very popular. It appeared around when the height of Pokemon and Digimon were at it’s popularity. With the weirdest rap in the VHS’s to replace the commercial breaks.  I remember trying to find the rarest figures but also wait eagerly to see what happens to the heros. Also a real amazing villain of course as the name Moo.


Digimon Season 1

3.) Digimon

    Ok, this needed to be on here. I wouldn’t be a 90’s kid if it wasn’t on here. I remember when Digimon was on Fox Kids and I’d wake up each morning just to see what happens next. Also I loved Patamon and Gatomon (they are adorable!).


Sailor Moon

2.) Sailor Moon

    Now I mentioned earlier I hardly had Cartoon Network as a kid. Besides that I know it played are Cartoon Network but I never watched it on there. it was actually thanks to my little sister who wanted to buy the first VHS of the show that got me into it. I remember we’d pretend to be sailor scouts and beat the bad guys. Heck even now my mom remembers the sailor moon pose because we made the pose a lot.



1.) Pokemon

    This is a full classic to me and my favorite anime show I grew up with in the 90s. Out of all the shows I watched from the 90s I never missed a Pokemon episode. I even love it today. It had friendship and exciting adventures. I also don’t mind Ash never grew up, heck I’m still a fan of him! All I can say is, “I Love Pokemon!”

That was my top 5 childhood anime. What are yours?