Kotoura-San Anime Review

First Impression: Kotoura-san

Kotoura-san anime review

Haruka Kotoura, a girl who was born with the ability to read minds, is persecuted and ostracized because her Kotoura-san anime reviewability exposes the weaknesses and moral failings of others. After transferring to a new high school, she meets Yoshihisa Manabe, a dim-witted but good-hearted boy who offers her sincere friendship and vows to stay by her side. Together, they join their school’s ESP Research Club.

Holy crap the first 10 minutes of this anime are SO depressing! It starts off as a flash back to Kotoura-Kotoura-san anime reviewsans childhood and how she had ESP but didn’t realize it. It tears her parents apart and they leave her. (with the mother saying “I wish I never gave birth to you!” …ouch) She can’t keep any friends because they think she is crazy or mean for reading their minds (even though she constantly says that she can’t help it). But! Finally, a ray of light comes through. Kotoura-san transfers to a knew school and catches the attention of Manabe. He thinks it’s cool that she can read minds and treats her like a normal girl. The opening music is cute and peppy, but the art is definitely lacking. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not horrible and a lot of the characters are adorable, but it’s also nothing special. It doesn’t give me eyeball orgasms. I’m a big fan of Manabe. He definitely brings in some much needed humor into Kotoura-san’s life.

I really liked the first episode and I will continue to watch the rest that are currently available. I like that we got to see Kotaura-san’s background and I’m very interested to see where her and Manabe’s relationship goes. I recommend this anime.

Kotoura-san anime review