Shy Anime Girls

GentlemanOtoku Explains: Shy Girls

Definition: Young women who are unable to confront the objects of their affection directly, choosing instead to admire them from afar.

What You Need To Know: Shy Girls are by definition not very confident in themselves. They’re introverts by nature, so they’re natural timidness makes it difficult for them to express themselves.

Love is Blind, and apparently mute too

However, they’re ironically portrayed as more emotionally honest than the often boisterous Tsundere character. Shy girls know that their shy. The types of anxieties and fears that come with along with love aren’t exactly new emotions to them. Their biggest hurdle isn’t accepting these emotions, its expressing them.

This Girl Has Feelings
This Girl Has Feelings

It should be understood that a certain amount of modesty and timidness exists in every Anime character, particularly young women in love comedies. Shy Girls aren’t just people that can’t tell someone that they like them. They have trouble just speaking to the person they like.

I should tell him that I love my present. But would that be too forward?

If you’re looking for the shy girl in an anime, you can usually find them behind a tree.


Western Translation: Shy Girls and timid people exist in western fiction, but they’re not as prevalent. Adrian from the Rocky Balboa movies could be considered a “Shy Girl.” Rachel from Glee could be considered a “Shy Girl.” A character may start out as timid, but western fiction usually portrays the as growing out of it more so that anime do.


Special Note: Kimi ni Todoke: From Me to You (my favorite Shy Girl story)