Soul Eater Anime

Soul Eater: An Anime that Warrants a Marathon

Soul Eater was everything I could have wanted in an anime. There’s comedy, great art, intense fights, a dynamic cast, and a downright unpredictable plot line.

My original intent with beginning Soul Eater was to gain enough information to write a quick “First Impression” blog, but when I accidentally watched the entire first season in one day I realized I needed a new approach. So, here’s my verbal drool over Soul Eater.

Set in the halls of the Death Weapon Meister Academy, or the DWMA, the three main DWMAMeister/weapon teams encounter foes and friends of all measures of good, evil, cute, sexy, and downright disturbing.

Maka and Soul
Team 1: Maka and her weapon, Soul Eater
What’s great about this pair?
Well first, Soul reminds me of Sasuke from Naruto, which tells you he’s cool, hot, cocky, talented, and also a bit haunted. Besides that, I love his cute headbands!

Next there’s Maka. What’s interesting is that Soul is clearly meant to be the leading weapon role, which means that his partner, Maka, must be the main Meister role, right? And, although yes, this is right, Maka is anything but what you’d expect from a leading role. Truthfully she’s rather ordinary. And even though it took me at least two seasons to fully appreciate her and warm up to her, I think that they did an amazing job writing her part and I wouldn’t want a thing to be changed. I think I finally began to like her when I realized she’s meant to represent the viewer. She’s there for us to relate to, so try not to be so hard on her.

Togetherー Maka wield’s Soul, a death scythe which is the same weapon Lord Death chooses to use. So, basically, that’s badass. They are the least obnoxious team of all, and that works well to compliment the other, more extravagant teams.

Team 2: Black Star and his weapon, Tsubaki
What’s great about this pair?
This time I’ll do the Meister first. My first impression of Black Star was that he was obnoxious and short, which made me think of Naruto. Then, I kept this idea of Black Star as Naruto throughout the entire show and it’s creepy how much is different and how much is the imagesame. Both are mega theatrical in their day to day lives making even the smallest of tasks into a dramatic show of their cockiness, both are super powerful, both get markings on their skin when they are at their peaks of power, and both are pretty hilarious.

Next, Tsubake can take on a number of weapon forms: chain scythe, smoke bomb, and her most powerful, the demon sword are among a few. She’s probably the coolest weapon. She’s soft spoken and basically the polar opposite of Black Star.

Togetherー Black Star and Tsubake are both incredibly powerful. In fact Tsubake is probably the only weapon at the DWMA powerful (and patient) enough to handle Black Star.

Team 3: Death the Kid and his weapons, Liz and Patty Thompson
What’s great about this group?
Their ability to be symmetrical would be Death the Kid’s answer, as he’s obsessed with symmetry, which is why he needs the Thompson sisters who take form as two pistols. Kid’s OCD actually plays a huge role in the plot line as in his every day life. Besides this obsessive tick, Kid has great hairーto me anyways, as he hates the stripes. Finally, as a grim reaper he’s naturally quite powerful, which makes for some great fight sequences. image

As for his weapons, they mostly add comedy to the show with their utter differences in nearly every way, which of course drives Kid crazy (as he points out, even their boobs are different sizes). Patty is basically an airhead, but she’s cute and has a good sense of humor, whereas Liz is much more serious(nervous), practical, and mature.

Togetherー They all balance each other. They’re a perfect fit.

Now, if that didn’t sound like a dynamic enough cast, don’t forget there’s still Lord Death with his high pitched, silly voice and huge gloved hands. Dr. Franken Stein with his strange good looks and his obsession with dismemberment. A sexy, magic kitty who likes to dress scandalously in her human form. And don’t forget villains like witches and demons and of course Kishins. Oh, and I guess I can’t leave out Excalibur, the little self absorbed, even more obnoxious than Black Star, alien sword guy(Fools!).image

Besides the cast, I adore the use of skulls in the fashion and the architecture. The different take on the grim reaper as a silly, but wise man who’s like “office” has walls of blue skies and fluffy clouds is just plain badass. And the overall reversal of the typically dark and scary as good and silly is absolutely refreshing.

Lastly, the Sun really creeps me out, but I will admit that the Moon is growing on me.