Swimming Anime

The Anime That Never Was

Unless you haven’t been online in the past 24 hours, you’ve already seen the stream of pictures, gifs and videos of the new “Swimming Anime”.

I first saw a promo image a few months back when it came through my tumblr feed. The person who had posted it said something along the lines of “Uh oh, new Swimming Anime. Prepare for Yaoi drawings and fan fiction.” I laughed and thought maybe cute-guys-playing-sports was going to be the next big genre (Ala Kuroko no Basket). Then yesterday, I, along with everyone else, watched the 30 second “PV” of this new swimming anime. (You can watch it below) My heart raced, these guys are hot! The animation is really good! Now I want to watch this. I actually got excited. Later that night I subjected Kevin to the preview. In normal boy fashion, he replied with “Huh.” Whatever, if it was cute anime girls with big tatas, he would be all over that.

Not much later I found out that the anime preview I had been watching all day, wasn’t a preview at all. There were two “rumors” about it:

“Someone told me that it’s not an anime but a promotion video for the studio. The studio has a really distinct animation style and every so often, they make 30 second projects to show off their style. This is one of those projects. It’s not going to be an anime, although with this much fan reaction, maybe we can get more from the studio.”


“Back in April last year AnimationDo uploaded a couple of pictures as well as a promotional video for a new project they were working on, however no additional information was given and it was never followed up on. The images were also taken off the site eventually. The project was most likely dropped at some point.”

NOOOOOOOOO. How come whenever I get excited about something, it’s never real?! I rolled over and told Kevin about how it’s not even a real preview. Even he was shocked. “But, the animation was so good! And that music was awesome!” (Heh, he secretly liked it) So, what now? Do you think the animation studio will see the outcries of curious fans? Or did they just release it to tease us?! Animation DO has been apart of Clannad, Doraemon, Inuyasha and K-ON.