Anime Glasses Girl

GentlemanOtoku Explains: Glasses Girl

Definition: A female character in an anime who wears glasses. Usually works as a scientist or an author.

What You Need To Know: The Glasses Girl in most anime plays the archetypal “mad scientist” or “crazed author.” They just seem to have that crazy look in their eyes.

The Original Trilogy is obviously better! What are you even talking about!?

In terms of relationships, the mad scientist Glasses Girl gets more play. This is because she usually wants to “examine” the protagonist. As such, this subcategory is presented as more energetic and amorous than the crazed author type. It’s all in the name of science after all.

Ernest O. Lawrence is sooo Dreamy!

In contrast, the crazed author type is less up front with their more carnal instincts. These young women prefer to express their emotions through their literary or artistic works, often using the protagonist as inspiration. This is why many Glasses Girls in anime create Yaoi or “Boys Love” manga. The crazed author subcategory plays off the irony of having such an unassuming person create such…expressive….works.

If I don’t write this Thoreau/Emerson slash-fiction, no one will.

Overall, Glasses Girls of both subcategories tend to be very intelligent and more than a little crafty. They are’t really the main love interests very much, which actually allows them to a more exaggerated part of the supporting cast.



My Western Take: The idea of a character with glasses being really smart or creative seems to be a worldwide norm. The idea of glasses hiding a person’s true persona like the crazed author is also nothing new,  just look at Clark Kent. Personally, I like mad scientist more than crazed authors. They just seem to get more screen time.


Special Note: Kyoya Ootori (Glasses Boy)