Fanime 2013 and the Lack of Online Registration

1/18/13 UPDATE: we’ve got an official update from the Famine website! check out our latest post for more info (Read More)

1/17/13 UPDATE: Still no registration! Although, according to the graph below, it’s not suppose to happen for another month or so. On January 9th, a mod in the forums wrote that they still have no idea when registration will be available. I’m thinking there is more going on behind the scenes then just “changes to our system”. Don’t you?

Kevin and I made the choice a while ago, to attend Fanime 2013. In October, I hopped onto the Fanime website and didn’t see much. An awesome thank you letter, the dates for the 2013 con and some links to their social networking sites and their forum. Uhhh where do I register? The forums didn’t help too much with any new info so, I waited. And waited. And alas! Someone popped up in the forums with information. “We are working with some changes to our system and so will not be able to get reg up as early as last year. I don’t have an estimate as to when, but please keep checking the website, forums, facebook, or twitter.”

With that info, the awesome user kookiekween99 made a graph about past, present and future Fanime registration dates. (It looks like last years registration was a little late as well)

So according to the draft, Fanime 2013 registration won’t happen until February or March. Just a mere 2-3 months before the con. How do you feel about the late registration of Fanime ’13?