Two Faced Anime Characters

GentlemanOtoku Explains: The Two-Faced Sadist

Definition: A character in an anime that appears to be very polite, but is actually a mean and often times cruel person.

What You Need To Know: The exact use and portrayal of the Two-Faced Sadist depends on the type of anime they appear in. In action anime, Two-Face Sadists tend to be very cruel when their true nature is revealed. This of course is done for dramatic effect.

Why are the Pretty one’s always insane?

In a comedy, however, the Two-Faced Sadist’s actions are more comedic. Sadist’s are mainly driven by an urge to entertain themselves, and will use the protagonist as the catalyst for achieving this goal. In a sense, they’re really more manipulative pranksters than anything else.

Should I go for physical scars, or emotional? 

The sadist will often use disparaging remarks, sexual innuendos, or secret schemes to get what they want. Sadists are incredibly smart and calm individuals, using the role of the ideal student or citizen to hide their true personality.

This is probably symbolic…but I forget why

So the moral is, don’t tick a Two-Faced Sadist off.


Western Translation: The western Two-Faced sadist is mainly a character of action movies and dramas. The most notable exception would he Eddie Haskell, a character in the 1950’s show Leave it to Beaver, whose only acted polite when an adult was present.


Special Note: Mitsuki Sawatari (The bubbly Sadist)