Love Live Anime Review

Love Live! A School Idol Project

Love Live! Is a shoujo anime co-produced by Sunrise Studios and  ASCII Media Works ‘Dengeki G’s Magazine. Music is produced by Lantis. The show aired on January 6th 2013 and has up to seven episodes currently subbed in English.

Love Live! Is about a school that is going to be closed down after all the currents students graduate Love Live! Anime Reviewif they don’t get more students to enroll. The idea comes to a girl named Honoka to make a school idol group in hopes of attracting more students.

Honoka is a determined second year, who with further pursuit, is able to get 8 other girls to join and they form an official club. The idol group goes by Muses after having a “Suggest a name” box.

The show itself is very cute and light hearted, and some episodes end with a new song and dance performed by the girls of Muses.  The characters are well written and relatable, and you can’t help but root for them.

It’s not a deep heart throbbing anime with a lot of romance, however it has friendship, and it is a good watch and great for passing the time.
If you’re a fan of K-ON!, Pitchy Pitchy Pitch, or a slew of other cute animes, then you may very well enjoy this one.

You can watch it online for free at Crunchyroll ( ).