Anime Blonde

GentlemanOtoku Explains: The Blonde

Definition: Female characters in Anime that are blonde.

What You Need To Know: There are essentially two types of Blondes in Anime. The Bombshell and The Kid.

Try to guess which one she is

As the name suggests, the Bombshell is a physically attractive women. She has a very well developed body, with big to large breasts. In fact, in some way, shape, or form, you can usually count on her breast becoming the topic of discussion at some point. No matter what type of personality a blonde anime character has, her body type will most likely match the Bombshell archetype.

She’s a child soldier who fights giant monsters (no, really)

The second most common blonde character can be referred to as The Kid. These characters are typically younger and less developed than the Bombshell. These characters tend to be a bit more brattish in nature, with a much more homogeneous personality archetype than the Bombshell.

Blondes have more fun than you can possibly imagine

Interestingly, a lot of blonde characters tend to be either foreign or half-Japanese, most likely to explain their hair color. However, such an explanation is rarely used to explain characters with pink, blue, and blood red hair.

English father. Japanese Mother. Born in Japan. Raised in England. 

Blond Characters are also usually rich.


My Western Take: The idea of the “Blond Bombshell” and “Blonde Rich Girl” isn’t exactly foreign to the west. In many ways, the “Blonde” is one of the most influential western contributions to the world. Perhaps that explains why both male and female blonde characters in Anime are usually depicted as foreign born. They help make Anime casts just a bit more international.


Special Note: Tamaki Suoh (Blonde Rich Boy)