Fuuyuki Cosplayer Interview

Cosplayer Interview: Fuuyuki


Fuuyuki as super spy Black Widow

Today I managed to snag a good interview with a popular Cosplayer from Hong Kong Fuuyuki. She has some interesting cosplay pieces on her Deviant Art page you should definitely check out.

Her Deviant Art Page is Here
Her new Tumblr page is Here

Enjoy the delve into the mind of Fuuyuki



Andy: What first started you getting into cosplaying? What was your inspiration to make your first Convention costume?


Fuuyuki: I first started cosplay when I was 16, and still studying in high school. About six months before that, a friend of my sister’s took us to a local comic market, a.k.a.  a local convention called “Comic World” . We saw a lot of people dressed up as different characters, hanging around and having photo shoot. That was how we was first introduced to cosplay. It just blew our mind completely. We were so excited! We wanted to be part of it and get the chance to become our favorite characters.


At that time being, my sister and I were crazy about “SAIYUKI”, therefore we decided that would be our first cosplay plan. Actually, it’s simply a lab-coat with shirt and suit pants. However, as a beginner and a student, I had no experience and financial support at that time. I borrowed the lab coat from my Dad’s workplace and the suit pants from my Mom. I even cut my own hair myself to suit the character. It sounds really ridiculous but that’s really how I started.



Andy: What has been your general experience at conventions? What part of it do you like the most?


Fuuyuki: The main difference for going to conventions and having a private photo shoot is that you can meet a lot of different people– the cosplayers, the photographers, and the public who like the characters all at one time. I love going to conventions. It’s just like a huge party for us. We can meet friends there and hang around. We sometimes share experience of costume production, make up skills and prop making.


The part I like the most would be the time when some fans are screaming and running to you and confessing their love of the characters you are cosplaying. It feels like I suddenly found a new ally in the fandom. It makes me very excited and satisfied.



Andy: How do you choose the character which you will cosplay next?


Fuuyuki: The 1st criteria considered is my interest in that character. I always want to become  the characters I like. Then, I consider the possibility for me to dress like that character, for example, I love BATMAN, but it’s impossible for me to dress like him so all I could do is give up in shame. 🙁 Thirdly, I consider the ability for me to make the costumes and props.



Andy: You have a very interesting Bizzaro Supergirl cosplay on you DeviantArt? What inspired you to make that costume?


Fuuyuki: Thank you. Actually, Bizzaro Supergirl is a zombie-like Supergirl in an alternate universe among DC-Multiverses. I love Supergirl and I want to dress up as her for the Halloween last year. Then, Bizzaro version just came into my mind. What sounds better to be a zombie at Halloween?  Finally, I made this costume and went to Halloween party with my friends.


Fuuyuki as Bizarro Supergirl

Andy: You also have a abundance of DC characters, is there something you like more about the DC Comics characters?


Fuuyuki: I really like DC Comics (Superheroes Comics). I am not sure why, maybe because they are usually positive and give you strength and hope, especially the Justice League Animation Series. Even facing the darkest time, they always make the right choices and protect what they stand for. I always wish to be like them, to have faith in my life and keep them in my heart.



Andy: How do you pick the materials you are going to use to make the costume? How many hours do you usually put into making a costume?


Fuuyuki: I have a range of materials listed in my mind as I study the characters. I think about which material would suit them. I also use other cosplay photos from the Internet as references to see how different materials would work.


For the time used for making a costume, it really depends on the complexity of the design. For example, the Bizzaro Supergirl costume only cost me half day to finish. However, I have made Andromeda Saint Cloth from Saint Seiya. That costume was mainly armor and took me more than 2 weeks to finish.



Andy: How has being so well known on Deviant Art changed how you Cosplay?


Fuuyuki: Thank you very much for the compliment. I believe I am just a small potato on DA. I really love posting photos on DA so I can share them to people around the world. Since U.S. comics are not as popular as Japan manga/anime in Hong Kong, sometimes I may feel unaccomplished for doing it alone. However, DA let me meet a lot of U.S. comics lovers and this encourages me to do more cosplay for sharing.



Andy: Are there any characters you thought about cosplay as but didn’t because there outfits were too “exposed” or “risque”?

Fuuyuki as DC Heroine Black Canary

Fuuyuki: I don’t have any characters which I thought would be too “exposed” or “risque” in my planning list right now. However, it still took me for a while before I decided to cosplay Black Canary, because of the high leg [sic] of the tight. I think it is more important to have sufficient protection and awareness when dress up as this type of sexy characters.



Andy: Any tips for beginning cosplayers on sewing a good costume together? What is the next costume you are making?


Fuuyuki: In my opinion, it’s better to start off with simple costumes to gain some experience. It’s always good to have an easy start. Don’t get yourself exhausted or fluctuated during sewing progress. There are always some friendly cosplayers sharing their technique and experience on making the costumes in the Internet that could be helpful as well.


I have no costume making plans lately. I want to try the new Supergirl costume from the New 52 but I am still studying the costume design. I’m also planning to make Belle or Rapunzel from Disney this year.



Andy: What Conventions will you be at in 2013?


Fuuyuki: I’m mainly active in Hong Kong’s convention scene. I do like to go to Taiwan to check out their convention scene as well. I will attend Rainbow Gala in March, Ani-Com in July, Comic World in August and Asia Game Show in December, all taking place in Hong Kong this year. I hope to travel to San Diego to join SDCC next year!!!!

2013_Sherry_Resident Evil 6


Finally, thanks again to Andy for inviting me to do this interview and I hope anyone reading it will enjoy it. Thank you!