Cosplay Group

Collaborating As A Group

When working on a group cosplay, things can get intense fast between you and your cosplay mates. Before you start throwing paint cans and spools of thread at each other, read through these quick and easy steps!

Assign roles

Instead of everyone doing a free for all on anything and everything they can get their hands on, designate specific tasks for everyone. Have one or two people using hot glue guns, some people cutting and pinning patterns, some people painting etc. Make sure everyone has something to do so no one feels excluded, even the simplest tasks need someone to do them!

Help Each Other Out

Don’t just stay separated the entire day, if one group isn’t doing anything for a while offer to help other groups. If you need to, draw or print out large pictures of the cosplay/prop you are making and hang them around the work space so everyone can have the same image of the cosplay to work with.

Finally- Have Fun!

Yes it sounds corny, but really. You guys are all together to enjoy each other’s company while working toward one product. So order some food, put on some tunes, and enjoy yourselves! If any problems or disagreements rise up, just remind each other of your goal and that you’re all friends in the end.