NOTE: We are still editing some photographs.

Here are the pictures that we took during our Saturday adventure to the Portland Comic Con, by Wizard World. We definitely did not take as many pictures as we would have liked. After purchasing a one day ticket ($50) and wondering around, we set up our lighting equipment in an out of the way area. We were not blocking any walk ways or any entrances. We got approached by a staff person within the first 5 minutes of setting up, asking us what we were doing. We showed him our wrist band and explained that we were here to photograph the cosplayers. He smiled and said “Oh okay!” and moved on. Not too much longer a different staff person came up and said “What’s going on here?” We explained the same thing to him but instead of moving on he said, “ got this approved with someone?” What is there to approve? There were no rules about photography or photography equipment. We pointed out the guy who approached us first and the 2nd guy left us alone. THEN the guy who runs the press ticket booth walked over to us very aggressively and said “You guys can’t do this, you can’t be here.” He told us we could take pictures at the cosplay stage (a tiny little stage with horrible florescent lighting and bout 50 fan boys crowding the front of it) or we could work with on camera flash (Not really our style). We we’re already feeling not-so-creative that day and then to be told (rudely) that we can’t set up our lighting somewhere just put a damper on the whole day. We probably wont go to another event hosted by Wizard World. We were still working up the courage to ask some cosplayers to take their pictures, so we’re sorry we missed you 🙁 To those we did talk to/take pictures of, thank you! It was nice meeting you and we hope to see you at other NW cons. (ECCC, Sakura-con, Kumori or Newcon!)



Halo Spartan Taken at Wizard World Portland Comic Con