Eureka Seven Ao

Monthly Watch March: Eureka Seven AO


Hello everybody, and welcome to my Monthly Watch. The goal of this monthly post is to inform you about a new, old, random, or popular anime you may have or have not heard of. My job is to watch the entire series of the anime I’ve listed above and hopefully persuade you to at least check it out. For the month of March I’m going to be watching Eureka Seven AO, the sequel to the Mecha Romance Eureka Seven Psalms of Planets.

Eureka Seven AoThe story follows the adventure of Ao Fukai, a 13 year old boy, the son of a mysterious woman who fell from the sky and then suddenly disappeared. When his home and childhood friend Naru Arata are threatened by a being known as a “Secret”, Ao boards a FP known as Nirvash to destroy the “Secret”. Ao is then approached by a corporation known as Generation Bleu whose goal is to destroy “Secret”s and capture a resource known as Quartz. Ao uses this opportunity to find out more about his missing mother and to help the ones he loves. As he continues to learn more of the truth about his parents he is also informed that the “Secret”s aren’t what they appear to be and that he’s been fighting the wrong enemy. This story is full of action and drama that you won’t want to stop watching until the real truth comes out, I highly recommend it if you enjoy action, suspense, and you’ve seen the original show. If you haven’t seen Eureka Seven Psalms of Planets, then you will be lost watching this show.

The manga is great too with additional characters, a differing plot, and a much more enjoyable ending. This show hasn’t been dubbed or shipped over to the U.S. yet so you won’t be it at your local anime store or Best Buy. I had to spend quite a hefty amount to get the entire series on Blu-Ray from Japan, one of the many perks of a region free PS3. If you’re looking to watch this show you can watch it for free at and I hope you enjoy.

Look for my review of the anime series later this month so you can enjoy my opinions and comments.