Cosplayer Interview: Megan Coffey AKA Starbuxx

Header image by iM Photography

Today we have Model and Cosplayer Megan Coffey. On top of being award winning, she did a Rainbow Dash cosplay that drew me to her page! She also does a mean Tank Girl! More Mega Con Coverage next week! Stay Tuned!

Her Facebook page is here

Her Deviant art page is here

A: What was the first convention you attended? What was a lasting memory from that convention?

Megan Coffey: My first convention was Florida Supercon! It was both my first time at a con and boothing at a con. I had an amazing time. It is probably my favorite con. They are all so nice there and they run a great show!

A: What was the first cosplay you made? Compared to the last cosplay you made? How does the first one match up?

Megan as Rainbow Dash at MegaCon 2014. Photo by: David Ngo

MC: My first ever full cosplay was Rainbow Dash, and she had been redone like 4 times since her creation. I made her so I could wear her to a small con, and while wearing her there I realized how terrible she was! So I went home and got to work. And I am more than pleased with how she looks now! All of my cosplays are relatively simple because I’m still learning, but I can say that my newer cosplays involve more craftsmanship (like Cammy’s gauntles, Perona’s crown, etc).

A: Most cosplayers always find some fault with each costume they finish. How do you decide when a costume is ready to wear to a convention? Do you try to make it as perfect as you can every time?

MC: Oh yes plenty of faults, trust me! I always tell my photographers not to zoom in too much! In all honesty, you just know, when you put it on and you look in the mirror, you can just tell that your work is complete.

A: What costume are you most proud of to date? Why?

MC: Supergirl is my favorite cosplay child haha. She looks stunning, if I do say so myself. But I have a couple that I am working on right now that may surpass her..!

A: Your Cammy is awesome, Why did you choose to model this version of Cammy? Cammy is a pretty fit character, if you had to fight the real Cammy would you win?

MC: Thank you! I used to play Street Fighter back in the arcades in the good old days, so when Animate! Miami asked me to join seven other Street Fighter cosplayers as their Cammy for their cover shoot, I was ecstatic!

Megan- Cammy 2
Megan as Cammy Photo by: Chasis Photos

I have had a lot of people ask me to be Cammy before, so when Animate asked I figured it was just meant to be. I went with the classic green suit for Cammy, even though her blue one is gorgeous, and I chose a less… ahem… revealing bodysuit for comfort reasons. I really wanted to be Cammy because I love her gauntlets, and they were a wonderful challenge to make!

Oh my, I would not win, she has thighs of steel!

A: You also cosplay Tank Girl. In your opinion what makes Tank Girl so kick ass? If they rebooted the movie, who would you want to play the new Tank Girl?

Tank Girl
Megan as Tank Girl. Photo by: Naya Photography

MC: Oooh I just love badass girls, haha. I’m sorta shy but on the inside I would love to think that I am like Tank Girl or Riza Hawkeye or Cammy White. TG is badass because she rebels against everything from social norms to gender roles to the government. She does what she wants! And I would SO be her in a movie! I need to practice my badassery first, though!

A: You seem to have a range of interests. What would you say you do more of: (a) read comics (b) watch Cartoons (c) Watch Geeky Movies

MC: I spend a lot of time (a) reading comics, but mostly manga. I’m obsessed with One Piece, and I’m rereading my favorite series, Fullmetal Alchemist, just for the feels.

A: Rainbow Dash is one of your more recent cosplays, out of the Mane 6 why her? Do you identify as a “sporty girl”? Are you a Brony? What do you think of the Brony movement?

MC: I think My personality is somewhere between Applejack and Fluttershy, but Rainbow Dash is just so cool! 20% cooler to be exact… Again, another badass girl! I can’t stay away from them haha. And I can definitely relate to RD’s tomboysihness.
Brony, Pegasister, whatever you want to call me, I’m in! I saw all the buzz about MLP online years ago, and when I finally decided to watch it… well, you can see where that got me!

A: What cons will you be at in 2014?

MC: I have already Attended Animate! Miami! I also attend Megacon. Next I will go to Supercon and Ultracon as well as any other South Florida cons that will have me! I’d love to be a guest at any con, so if you would like me there please request me! Also, I will have my fanart booth at Animate and Supercon, so feel free to stop by and say hi!