Fanime Photo Shoot

Fanime Photo Shoots Now Open

Hey guys,

We will be at Fanime and would love to book some photo shoots with you amazing people! 

Shoots are $40 and last 30 minutes (we are super speedy). This includes going offsite (hotels, the park or around downtown San Jose) The minimum number of pictures you will receive is 3, there is no maximum. 50% of the payment will be needed by Paypal before the con to reserve a spot. The remaining can be paid at con with either a card (we have Square) or with cash. We would like to keep the maximum group size 4.

All times are available after 10:30 am and before 7pm, Friday, Saturday, Sunday (unless you have a badass idea for a night photo shoot and can convince us to stay We are not available at these times:

11:30am-12:45pm all days
4:30pm-6pm all days

The best way to contact us would be through facebook or our e-mail:

Please let us know what you will be cosplaying, and what time you would like!! Can’t wait to see you guys there!