Summer Robin Fire Emblem Cosplay Photoshoot

Living in the Pacific Northwest, we are blessed to have a lot of nature and A LOT of parks. So many, that I don’t even know about them all. Even ones that aren’t even that far from where I live! So it’s great when a cosplayer we work with, asks to do a shoot at one I’ve never been to before. Alison wanted to do a beach type shoot before it got too cold, and we didn’t want to use the same beach we photographed her Summer Scramble Tharja. We also don’t have a lot of beaches in the Seattle area, so it was a little bit of a challenge to find a spot. Alison is the ultimate location finder though because she found a small beach park on Mercer Island. Seriously tiny and literally in someones backyard, Groveland Beach Park was perfect for this shoot. There was a little bit of sand, some great docks and lots of water. Alison is always gun-ho about making the most of the photoshoot, so she volunteered to get in the freezing water! She is seriously a trooper and I love all the shots we got from this.