When Anime and Knitting Collide

I learned to knit a couple years ago, just from grabbing some needles, some yarn and watching 10,000 YouTube videos on the subject. Cut to today, and I’m obsessed. But what do you think of, when you think of knitting and crocheting? Blankets, hats, gloves and scarfs? Sure, all great things to knit. But, a small subset of people love knitting all things anime, manga and video games. I have yet to try something as awesome, but here are my favorites:

Companion Cube by MalonB

Chibi Charmander by MalonB

Squid Girl by deadcraft

Poke Balls by WolfyChick

Totoro Gloves by Cairn

Sandman Characters by deadcraft

Mokona Hat by MirthAmigurumi