Valentines Day Anime

GentlemanOtoku Suggests: 5 Anime to Watch during Valentine’s Day

What is up Elite Cosplayers! It’s almost Valentine’s Day, and you know what that means, it’s List Time!!  So here I am, the man, the myth, the legend, GentlemanOtoku to provide you with the sweetest and most gooey Anime that Japan has to offer. Because what’s better than a box full of chocolates? A box full of Anime. Here we go.

#5) School Rumble


I mentioned before that School Rumble is one of my favorite anime of all time, so this might not be the most objective choice. But, any show about a delinquent being in a love triangle with an airhead and a possible alien has got to count for something. Not to mention the fact that like four other love triangles take place at the same time.

#4) Lovely Complex


Speaking of objectiveness, have I mentioned that I hate Lovely Complex? Because I do. But putting that aside, this is a pretty obvious Valentine’s Day viewing choice. The story of a tall girl and short boy becoming a couple is very cute on paper. By the end you’ll really be rooting for the protagonist Risa. She’s just so damn spunky.

#3) Clannad


Get ready to cry with this one. This high school drama follows Tomoya Okazaki, an apathetic boy whose life changes when he meets a timid girl named Nagisa Furukawa. The anime mainly revolves around Tomoya and Nagisa’s efforts to resurrect the disbanded Drama Club. I’m recommending this over Clannad: After Story because Clannad focuses more on the cutesy, and less on the heartbreakingly tragic.

#2) B Gata H Kei


This entry is for all you readers out there who want something a little more…sexy…for Valentine’s Day. This show’s basically about a teenage girl trying to get rid of her virginity so she can become some sort of Sexual Master (no, really). But, this being anime and all, she soon finds herself in over her head, discovering that sex and romance are often confusing and frustrating subjects. It’s one of the funniest anime I’ve ever seen, and one of the few to actually treat sex in a somewhat frank and honest manner.

#1) Kimi ni Todoke – From Me To You

Kimi ni Todoke is the story of Sawako, a shy and timid girl whose kind and selfless demeanor is hidden by her somewhat scary face (she supposedly looks like the girl from The Ring). She starts to become more outgoing when Shota, one of the most popular boys in school, becomes her friend. It’s the developing relationship between Sawako and Shota that make this one of the cutest and most romantic anime out there. Definitely one you can snuggle up to.

This is GentlemanOtoku, wishing you a very Happy Valentine’s Day!



Special Note: School Days (the anti-Valentine’s Day anime)