GentlemanOtoku Suggests: Top Five Animes To Watch Between Christmas and New Years

Hello Elite Cosplay Readers! GentlemanOtoku here. I’m taking a break from explaining the nature of anime in order to recommend the top five most jingle-belling and deck the hall-ing anime for you Christmas break.

#5- Cowboy Bebop


O.k. So “technically” an anime about five bounty hunters shooting up half of the galaxy doesn’t sound very Christmasy (unless your of the Die Hard School), but hear me out. When people talk about the best anime show ever, the words “Cowboy Bepop” tend to be come up. So, since the year’s almost over, you might as well watch it.

#4- Clannad: After Story


A story, or “After Story,” about a boy who married his high school sweetheart and had to become a man for the sake of their daughter. This emotional roller coaster will leave you emotionally spent, but you’ll gain a new found appreciation for all the blessing in you life.

#3 –School Rumble 2nd Semester


I’m not ganna lie. I’m a bit biased when it come to School Rumble because its one of my favorite anime. I’m recommending the second season for two reasons. First, the second season takes place during winter (or at least a few of the episodes do). Second, the second season focuses more of Kenji Harima’s struggles to grow as an individual. One of the best parts of School Rumble is watching Harima stumble as he tries to become a better person for the girl her like. This all sort of climaxes during the actual Christmas episode (ep. 19), leaving you with a warm and fuzzy feeling.

#2- Hayate the Combat Butler


Hayate the Combat Butler is basically the anime version of Olive Twist. A desperately poor but optimistic boy manages to escape his situation thanks to his gentle soul attracting the affections of a local gentry. Only in this case, his “situation” is the large debt his parents left him after abandoning him to loan sharks (who he calls “very generous people”). And replace “local gentry” with cute twelve year old billionaire who mistakes Hayate’s kindness for a confession of love. Plus its like 50+ episodes long, more than enough for an end of the year marathon.

#1- Minami-ke


Minami-ke is the story of three sisters living together. Nothing more, nothing less. But at the end of the day, isn’t that what Christmas is all about. Once you get past all the commercial and theological rhetoric, Christmas is about spending time with the people you care about most in the world, its about “family.”

This is GentlemanOtoku saying:  Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!



Special Note : Tokyo Godfathers (haven’t watched it personally, but any film about three homeless people trying to return a lost a baby on Christmas Eve is already pulling at the ‘ol heart strings)