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GentlemanOtoku Suggests: Five Superheroes that Deserve an Anime

Greeting True Elite Cosplay Believers! If you’re reading this, it means that I’ve accomplished my third lifelong goal of going to Comic-Con. My first lifelong goal was writing for this site. My second was that thing I did in Oakland that I am legally barred from repeating. Anyway, in honor of Geek Mecca, I’ve compiled a list of five superheroes that deserve their own anime.

The Runaways (action drama)


The Runaways is about a group of teenagers who discover that their parents are supervillains. The Runaways must deal with stopping their parents, and living with the consequences. The original work is a frankly stellar read, and I can only imagine what how great the anime would be.

Booster Gold (comedy, shojo?)


Booster Gold is a character who traveled back in time from the future to become a rich and famous superhero. An anime about him shilling his way to super stardom would be epic. Of course, if the comedy angle doesn’t work out, the show could always explore Booster Gold’s close “friendship” with fellow hero Blue Beetle.

New Mutants (action comedy)


The New Mutants are the third official team of mutants trained by Professor X. To be honest, I’m still baffled as to why this property hasn’t been made into a cartoon yet. It’s got a multi-ethnic cast, young protagonists, a robot with a speech impediment. Done properly, the New Mutants could rival Teen Titans and Teen Titans Go! in acclaim.

Spider-Man (action, harem, comedy, comedic action harem?)


Spider-Man is no stranger to overseas markets. He was famously adapted into a live action television show in Japan. He’s been in several manga. In hindsight, you can see why. The protagonist is an average nice guy. He is seemingly coveted by multiple beautiful women, usually at the same time. His boss always yells at him. I can already picture Spider-Man with piece of toast in his mouth swinging to school.

Green Lantern (shoen action)


Like Spider-Man, the Green Lantern concept has all the elements necessary to become an anime. Green Lantern revolves around “power rings,” granting the wearer the ability to create anything. What the ring does is up to the individual’s personality and imagination. Bleach, Naruto, and Full Metal Alchemist, all work on the same basic premise. Plus, the rings are powered by “will power,” which could easily translate into “strength.” There are also seven other types of rings powered by fear, love, greed, rage, and compassion, which allows for several rival factions and story arcs.

Hope I see/saw you at Comic-Con!



Special Note: Scott Pilgrim (kinda obvious at this point)