Seattle CosCon

Seattle CosCon is a new convention that will debut next summer (June 2014).

There hasn’t been much information released about the convention, however what is known is that it will be Costuming and Cosplayer focused. Which is great since Seattle has a large Cosplay Community.

Pulling from their facebook description: “CosCon is a convention to foster and celebrate cosplay and the cosplay community. CosCon is a place where we can be not just nerds who cosplay, but also cosplay nerds.”

Hopefully more information will be built  up as the end of 2013 comes on us. Like a location, how much it will cost, and other useful tidbits. We’ll try to update when information comes.

First year cons can either make or break it, and I would like to see this do well because it’s an idea I have certainly had myself.

You can find out more though their website or tumblr: