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GentlemanOtoku Explains: Idols

Definition: Young and attractive people who periodically partake in music, acting, modeling or other forms of mass media and represent images of innocence or inexperience.

What You Need To Know: Idols are basically young celebrities that do a little bit of everything. In real life, their day to day activities are heavily monitored and predetermined (they are celebrities after all). Anime don’t really delve into this side of the idol life, focusing instead on their life off the stage. They tend to be supporting characters rather than protagonists. Idol characters will usually show up a bit later in an anime show. On the surface, Idol characters appear to be very sweet and humble people.

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This is, however, all an act. Idol characters are actually quiet rude and outspoken in anime. For the sake of their image, they only reveal their true nature to their friends (a.k.a. the main cast of an anime). Most Idols in anime tend to exhibit signs of a superiority complex.

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The Idol’s two-faced nature can be explained through their careers. As Idols, they are expected to act a certain way. Most idols fall for the protagonist in an anime because they can act like themselves. Hanging around with the protagonist and his crew is really a cathartic experience for idol characters.



Western Translation: A lot of young stars in Hollywood go through the “idol” stage. Their lives are micromanages, their public information is often times fabricated, and they’re expected to give off an aura of purity and innocence. Some of the most notable American “idols” included Brittany Spears, Miley Cyrus, Lindsey Lohan, In ‘Sync, The Jonas Brothers, and Justin Bieber.


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