I Don’t Like You At All Big Brother! Manga Review

Demographic: Seinen
Age: 16+

Summary: I Don’t Like You at all Big Brother! By Kusano Kouichi. Takanashi Shuusuke enjoys checking out his adoptive sister Nao, and she enjoys when he does. But when a childhood friend returns to town and confessed her love for Takanashi, Nao is more than just a little jealous. To add on top of it, class president Mayuka ALSO has a massive crush on him. This 2 volume omnibus brings a hilarious touch to the harem category.

Story Line: It was interesting reading a harem manga. ( I usually go for the reverse harems 😛 ) I felt completely weird reading about a brother who gets a boner for his cute sister (In the beginning you don’t know that Nao is adopted). The plots feel a little recycled (going to the beach…AGAIN?) but the humor through the girls’ jealousy definitely makes up for it.

Art: I thought the character design was cute, but nothing special. Nao and Takanashi’s parents look to be the same age as the kids, so it confused me for a little bit.

Characters: Nao definitely became my favorite. (The other “love interests” annoy me) Her thoughts are hilarious and she has great reactions to things. Takanashi is interesting as well. I feel as though the author connects with him a little bit and you can see that in the development. Maybe Takanashi’s massive porn stash is the connection?

Overall: A cute, funny harem manga that is great for light reading and some giggles.

[xrr rating=4/5]