How to Make Hitman Reborn Dino’s Tattoo

As one of core leaders in Hitman Reborn, Dino always arouses a hot topic among many anime and cosplay lovers. Along with the quickly developing of costume play, it has no longer been difficult to make you look the same with a fictional role. Certainly, this also makes sense on Dino cosplay. But excepting buying or making the costume and wig, have you already paid enough attention on making Dino’s tattoo on the hand? Below, you will be introduced with a tutorial shared by Katherine from Detailed steps are displayed. Just take a look.


First of all, let’s take a look at the finished look. It’s extremely similar to what’s described in the original anime, right? Now, let’s begin.


Step 1: wash your left hand please :D.


Step 2: you will need a water-color brush here. Mark at the half place of your hand. Start to draw from there.


Step 3: draw down the shape of a flame. Download or find a Dino’s photo online before beginning to do this please. But if you are a devotee for Hitman Reborn, you may think this is totally unnecessary :D.


Step 4: emphasize the tale of the flame. Just draw it to be much wider and blacker.


Step 5: daub the emphasized part lightly. In this case, a gradually changing effect will appear.


Step 6: write down the letters above the flame. Likewise, emphasize its edges for a more vivid look.


Step 7: draw down two crossed lines between the flame and letters.


Step 8: draw these lines to be much thicker. And draw a downward-pointing triangle on each line.


Step 9: like above, draw another triangle towards the finished one. Actually, it looks like a bowknot. Now, the brambles have been finished.


Step 10: draw three curves above the letters. To ensure it’s the same with what we see in the anime, take a look at the download picture please.


Step 11: like above, emphasize the edges to make them much thicker and blacker. Then, draw on pairs of triangles.


Step 12: when all triangles are finished, the tattoo will look like this.


Step 13: some cosplayers tend to color the drawn pattern here. If you also plan to do this, you are suggested to use eye shadow because black will become much lighter. If you don’t want to repair the already drawn pattern, don’t touch them and use eye shadow please.


Step 14: this is the sun look (it’s drawn by my mother because my hands cannot reach there :D).


Step 15: the pattern on the shoulder looks great, right? If you don’t want to ask help from your friends, draw in front of a mirror please.

It sounds not difficult to make this, right? Visit the author’s blog here to see more tutorials.