Write for Elite Cosplay!

Write for Elite Cosplay

Want to be a part of a growing website? Well, keep reading!

Who Can Write For Elite Cosplay?

Anyone! We will need to see some examples of your work though and here’s how:

E-mail Us and tell us about yourself, why you would be a good fit for Elite Cosplay?
– Send a couple examples of your work. (URLs are preferred, but we’re not picky) Don’t have examples? Write us a faux review or tutorial.
– Let us know what you would like to write about.

What Types of Posts are we Looking For?

We are looking for cosplay tutorials (costume, prop, wig, photography), cosplay interviews, anime reviews, manga reviews, video game reviews (games made in japan), or anything japan/otaku related that you think would add to the site.

Please note: Some of these posts (example: tutorials) will require photographs. To give quality content to our readers, the photographs will have to be of good size and clear.


We would like to make Elite Cosplay a place where people can come to learn and communicate with other cosplayers/japanese culture fans. As for now, we are still growing and need to get a solid base before we can offer anything. We are more than willing to link to your website every time you submit an article. If you would like to be part of a website from it’s beginning, please E-Mail Us