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Fantasy/Renaissance/Medieval Cosplayers Needed

Coattails on Reddit is looking to hire some fantasy/renaissance/medieval cosplayers for a festival in Brooklyn:

“HEY YOU GUYS AND GALS: If you or someone you know fantasy/renaissance/medieval cosplays in the northeast, I have a cool gig for you in may. It is a large festival in Brooklyn with music, food, and beer. I am looking for warriors, wenches, mages, maidens, bards, bandits, barbarians etc. Full regalia is a must. I know how hard people often work on these themes, so I will compensate you enough to make it worth your while. Please PM me if you are interested! Most importantly, although we want you to look and act the part, it’s really just a fun party where you get paid to get drunk and wave a sword/staff/turkey leg around. DON’T CUT ANYONE. The dates are confirmed as the 17th, 18th, and 19th of May. I still have a lot of slots to fill up!”

You can contact Coattails here

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