Every Woman Anime

GentlemanOtoku Explains: The Every-Woman

Definition: The female protagonist in an anime that is meant to represent the average woman.

What You Need To Know:  The Every-Woman is one of the archetypal characters most often used if the protagonist of a love-comedy anime is a woman.

I’m in charge here, and you all have to deal with it!

Every-Women characters have a more complex and layered personality than the other common female protagonist, the Yamato Nadeshiko archetype. Instead of being well composed and reserved, the Every-Woman character is loud, opinionated, and emotionally clumsy.

Now with an optional Touch of Death!

Every-Women characters act in a manner that gives them narrative agency. Every-Women characters often have personal goals that they work very hard to achieve. In fact, their greatest flaw is often trying to be overly controlling, usually manifesting as stubbornness, exhaustion, and stress. They try to do too much by themselves, acting as a proverbial Atlas to their life’s problems. This is especially true if the goal concerns the welfare of her family.

Sometimes Literally…

In terms of relationships, Every-Woman characters tend to be uncharacteristically apprehensive. Perhaps because of their single-minded dedication to their ambitions, Every-Women characters will often react to romantic situations with unfamiliarity and inexperience, not unlike the Tsundere. In many anime, the Every-Woman character often has to learn to accept love and the concept of sharing burdens.

What is the etiquette for someone petting you?

Of course, not every female protagonist acts in the same manner. There is always one or two that break the mold.




My Western Take: The concept of the Every-Woman is actually pretty common in the West. Just look at romantic comedies. The Proposal, What Women Want, Maid in Manhattan, etc. Or look at classic literature characters such as Jane Eyre, Elizabeth Bennett, and even Katniss Everdeen.



Special Note: Kanako Miyamae (the funniest pseudo-Every Woman)