GentlemanOtoku Explains: Harem Anime

Definition: A type of anime where the main character is romantically linked to at least three members of the opposite sex. Harems can act as a genre or subgenre.

Maburaho: This is what most Harem Anime look like

Common Traits: Most Harem Anime try to differ from one another in terms of plot, character make-up, premise, etc. But in the end they all eventually do certain things, including:

1)  Taking place in a high school setting (young cast)

2)  Meeting the main love interest accidentally (love at first sight)

3)  A child hood friend being the second main love interest (jealousy factor)

4)  A Beach episode (bikinis)

5)  A Hot Springs episode (naked hijinks)

6)  A Festival episode (Yukatas, or Casual Kimonos)

7)  The main love interest being taken away by someone, then being rescued by the main character (Big Romantic Finish)

Appeal: Well, they’re usually light in tone and comedic in nature. A Harem Anime won’t force you to consider the paradox of the human condition, or the harsh realities of the world. The biggest drawing factor is its (admittedly shallow) humor and its…wait for it…sex appeal. At one point or another, each girl will end up in a sexy situation or pose with often hilarious results. It’s also got the broad appeal that comes from having a variety of characters; almost anyone can find a character they like. Cute? Sporty? Flirty? Shy? Crazy? Blonde? They’re all here!


Special Note: “Reverse-Harems”