First Impression: My Little Monster Anime

**First Episode Spoilers**

I decided I needed something romantic in my life, so I randomly chose “My Little Monster”. We all know the romance category is really saturated and it can be hard to stand out. This one stood out 30 seconds in because it featured a rooster.

Anywho, the story follows a girl names Mizutani Shizuku who is obsessed with studying. She is sent on an errand for a teacher to give something to Yoshida Haru (a student who hasn’t been to school since the first day when he beat someone up). At first, Yoshida thinks Mizutani is a spy for the school and doesn’t quite trust her. For some reason they hang out (without really saying anything) and Mizutani stands up to some thugs about taking avantage of Yoshida’s friendship. Yoshida is touched by what Mizutani did for him. He notices his heart beat getting faster and confesses that he likes Mitzutani!

He then vows to attend school again since Mizutani will be there with him.

I have to admit, I was a little worried I wouldn’t like this anime because I was worried it might be a little obnoxious. But it’s not! It’s funny, it’s interesting, you want to find out more and watch these characters grow. I actually ended up watching the remaining episodes that are currently on Crunch Roll and I want MOAR. I feel like the main characters are real. They have issues and emotions that you can actually relate to. I highly recommend this anime You won’t be disappointed. (Like I said, THERES A ROOSTER)