Top 5 Anime Shows You’ve Never Heard Of

For all of those die-hard anime fans out there, here is a Top 5 list of Anime Shows that never get the spotlight.

#5 Baka and TestBaka_to_Test_to_Shokanju_by_AlexanderTheTerrible

This anime takes place in a typical Japanese high school. The series starts out simple enough, boy meets girl, girl faints during major exam, boy fails exam miserably helping her, both end up in the failing class (Class F) and have to battle their fellow students for better school equipment with digitized avatars with special powers. Sounds like a completely normal series to me!

#4 Phantom: Requiem For The Phantom

Phantom: Requiem For The Phantom is not your typical series. Not only does the storyline revolve around assassins, guns, blood, and money, but when you add hot girls and boys with amnesia it just doubles the fun. A young assassin going by the name of “Phantom”, the highest rank given to a sniper agent, takes a new recruit under her wing when her master, a scientist in the organization Inferno, discovers his uncanny desire to live whatever the cost. The episoes follow a corrupt storyline where one agent loses all senses of their former self while the other discovers feelings they’ve never had.

#3 Elemental Gelade

An epic battle of love and weaponry ensues in this unknown anime. Cou, the main character of the story, suddenly finds himself on an important quest when an Eldel Raid (a human that can turn into a weapon) named Ren falls into his hands. Throughout the show he helps her in her journey to the legenary Eldel Garden, only to fnd out that she is a rare and powerful weapon that everyone in the world would love to posses. With the help of three unlikely companions, Cou and Ren battle their way to their destination, facing not only enemies along the way, but their own pasts as well.

#2 Hell Girl / Jigoku Shoujo

A creepy but interesting anime, Hell Girl is the first in a trilogy of seasons. The series starts out with learning the basics behind the Jigoku Shoujo (Hell Girl), if you desire someone to die you simply went to the Hell Correspondence website at exactly midnight and typed in their name. After sending in the death wish, you never saw that person again! The person whose name was entered will suffer a terrible death and is ferried to hell by the infamous Jigoku Shoujo. The only payment you make is your soul to forever roam hell after you die. Later on in the series, we find out more about the Jigoku Shoujo’s past and the past of her fellow assistants, as well as take a journey with the second pair of main characters in the series to see how their relationship evolves around Hell Girl.

#1 Angel Beats!

What used to be a completely obscure and hidden anime is now blossoming into a beautiful gem known as Angel Beats! A story completely focused around death. In fact, you never see the world of the living, only the school of Purgatory, where the class president Tenshi (Angel) rules freely. The main character, Otonashi, soon joins the SSS club forme by other stuents at this “Afterlife School” to fight against God for killing them in the first place, then taking them away from the school when they finally are at peace with their deaths. Even though it’s content seems rather depressing, the show itself is very upbeat and happy throughout it’s entirety.