Kickass Anime About Kickass Chicks: Saikano


She’s the ultimate weapon. Well, she is eventually. At first, the heroine of Saikano, Chise, was actually pretty sickly and weak but as the episodes progress, so does her body’s weaponization.

Saikano: The Last Love Song on This Little Planet is probably one of the most depressing anime I’ve ever seen. It’s Grave of the Fireflies sad. In other words, it’s rich with feeling for the characters. You’ll find yourself invested in the wellbeing, urging them to keep fighting. And where there are great levels of emotion, Saikano is also rich in poetic stylings.

Where I love Chise, I kind of hate the main male character/the narrator/her boyfriend, Shuji. While Chise is out soaring around battlefields with her metal wings and blowing up enemies left and right, not to mention dealing with the emotional roller coster that comes along with transforming from human to weapon, it’s like Shuji is just sitting around thinking of ways to make her feel worse about herself. Physically, she’s as strong as a nuclear weapon, but emotionally, she’s still the sickly girl of before.



So ultimately what will you get if you watch this anime?
*Ass Kicking– Duh! I mean the catalyst of Saikano is a wicked-sick war.
*Death– Pretty much anyone can die, and they do.
*Romance– and drama, drama, drama.
*Poetics– the music, the script, even the title of the anime.