Alychu Cosplay

Today we have a the Amazing AlyChu. Pay close attention for all the nerdiness!!

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What was the first convention you went to? Who or what made you go
to that particular convention?

AlyChu: Florida Supercon about 7 years ago, I was 13 or 14, I went with my
friend because we were big anime kids and I’ve been hooked ever since.

A: To a keen eye, you have a “love affair with Felcia Hardy, aka the
Black Cat”,  what is it about her that drew you to first create/wear
her cosplay. What keeps you interested in the Black Cat character?

AC: Out of all the characters I have ever cosplayed I felt the biggest
connection with Felicia. The way she talks, acts, and holds herself
together just reminded me of myself. She is a strong female and
everything about her just appealed to me.

Andy: Before they killed off Peter in both universes, who do you think
deserves Peter’s heart more Black Cat or MaryJane, Why? Did you watch
the 90’s cartoon of Spiderman? What is your favorite Spiderman cartoon

AC: Black Cat. I never liked MJ and thought she was useless and worthless.
I watched the 90’s cartoon and I think that was the best Spidey

Andy: Which movie Peter Parker did you like better, Andrew or Toby? Who wore
the suit better?

AC: Andrew, he acted exactly how Peter SHOULD act.

Andy: You also created a very good Posion Ivy cosplay? What was your
thought process in creating her costume? Which version of her did you
model her costume after? Why?

AC: Oh why thank you! It is actually my third time making a new Ivy
costume. I ended up getting this one commissioned by Artifice
Clothing. I wanted to have a mix of her Hush and Gotham City Sirens
look plus my own flair because I believe those two stories portrayed
her the best.

Andy: What is it about the dangerous Poison Ivy character that drew you
to her? She has this pheromone is gives off to seduce men to her will,
do you find this empowering or manipulative? Why? Do you feel that she
is a strong female character?

AC: I have always been the Ivy to my best friend (Harley’s LoveShack)
Harley. She was the first friend I made in the cosplay community and
we just grew to be extremely close. Our personalities matched with
Harley and Ivy’s friendship. I remember growing up watching the 90’s
batman cartoon and Ivy was always my favorite. Which also played into
my need to cosplay her. I believe her pheromone is both empowering and
manipulative. A manipulative woman gets her way no matter what.

Andy:  You did a shoot with Envy Us as Catwoman and You as Poison Ivy, you
two seemed to have good chemistry, how did that shoot come together?
Did you both plan it out or were the picture more organic from being
around each other? Some of those pictures are pretty steamy between
you two, how did you create such great tension for the photographs?
AC: Envy and I are extremely good friends. I am at her house at least once a week and vice verca. We are extremely comfortable around each other and can just be ourselves. So when it came down to the shoot we just put ourselves in said scenerio and wasn’t worried or shy. Though, we do have a few funny outtakes.

Andy: You have also created a Power Girl cosplay, something a lot of
cosplayers won’t go near, What was your inspiration to create her?
What are your views on her old costume “boob window”? Do you love or hate the new costume? Why?

AC: I hate the new costume, it’s extremely tacky and just plain ugly. I am so happy her old costume is back. Anywhow, My inspiration for Power Girl was because she is another woman I can greatly relate to. I know how it feels like to be alone and have no friends. This year my parents moved out of state and I miss them a lot. So I also relate to the whole not being able to see your family deal. Just like her my
family are all the wonderful people I surround myself with. Also I am not afraid to speak my mind.

Andy: There has been a lot said about the Cosplay =/= Consent movement?
What is your thoughts on it? Why do you feel that way? How do you feel
guys should approach you at Cons as to not give off a “creep” vibe?

AC: I am totally on board with that. I don’t think it is right to think you can do or say whatever you want to a girl just because she is wearing a revealing costume. You won’t catch me in something like  Powergirl outside a convention. But I wear it because I like the costume and I like the character. That doesn’t mean I want to be touched/harassed/raped or whatever these guys feel the need to do to girls at cons. To not come across as a creep is simple, if you like a
girls costume tell her! If you think she’s pretty go and tell her that too! JUST DON’T TOUCH HER WITHOUT ASKING OR SAY SOMETHING INAPPROPRIATE.

Andy: How has Facebook influenced your costume making?

AC:It has allowed me to discover other cosplayers, showcase my work, and network with costumers and photographers. I also gain a lot of inspiration when I see others working hard on their own costumes.

Andy: What do you know about costuming and cosplay now that you wish you
knew at the beginning?

AC: Sewing machines are great, Makeup is key, dress forms are a gift from god

Andy: What Cons will you be at in 2013?

AC: Florida Supercon, NYCC, North Carolina Comic Con, Shado Con, AFO,
Holiday Matsuri