Pax Prime

Ticket Prices for Pax Prime Have Launched

The Penny Arcade Expo, or better known as PAX Prime is the premier Seattle Gaming convention that brings people from all over to the Pacific Northwest for a weekend of fun, intense, gaming, partying, dancing, cosplaying, and other great events.

2013 Marks the First Year that PAX will be Four Days during Labor Day weekend starting August 30 through September 2nd.

PAX will have the usual contenders, the Paramount theater and hotel,the ACT theater, the Grand Hyatt, as well as the main convention, and the convention conference center.
It holds contests, live panels, a GIANT Expo Hall, and concerts, among other things.

However this year? The price is at $95, or $30 per day. Seems worth it no?

If only they would follow in the likes of San Diego Comicon and set a Registration form up before going live with the “registration”. Where you can only get a badge if you have an email and had done the early registration.

So, are you prepared for PAX Prime?

**Note- as of 11:10am, 4 day tickets to PAX Prime sold out in about 6 minutes**

Some peoples thoughts on the craziness of PAX Prime 4 day passes selling out so quickly:

“I was super lucky to get one. Twitter texted me and luckily I was right in front of a computer and able to buy. Sucks for people who weren’t in as fortunate of a position as me. 🙁
Now to try and snag a hotel.”

“I work from home. So the second I got the tweet I loaded the site immediately and filled out the form for the 4 day pass. Right when I finished and got my tickets, I read people saying the 4 days were sold out. Holy shit. At least this year we were able to actually finish the order, last year they had technical issues but the tickets sold out within 2 hours not 2 minutes.
They need to figure out a way to up the capacity at PAX Prime because there was no way you were getting these 4 day passes unless you were in front of a computer already.”