Otakon Questions

Otakon Answers Your Questions

Want to know something about Otakon 2013? Well, Otakon has the answers to some of your questions.

Q: When are you starting the cosplay contest and when do I sign up?
A: Last year, sign up was in June, so it will probably be a few months after registration opens.

Q: When will pass prices be lowered?
A: I can tell you that prices will not increase for Otakon 2013.

Q: Who’s this year’s musical guest?
A: Hmmmm…I might have more info on that soon

Q: Will there ever be day passes?
A: We used to have day passes, but we haven’t had them in several years. I do not foresee them making a return.

Q: Have you started pursuing musical guests yet, and if so will we see any announcements in the near future?
A: Yes and Yes. I might stay near an internet connected device on Jan 30 😉

Q: Any former power rangers comming this year like Jason David Frank last year and Johnny Yong Bosch in 2011?
A: I can’t comment on guests that haven’t been announced yet. But I can tell you they are both awesome. JYB is going to be in the Otakon Video Game by Studio Nasu and JDF just broke a world record. Former Otakon guests rock.

Q: Has anyone considered a Japanese cooking panel? Or at least I would love to see a noodle stand at the convention center?
A: Last year our theme was “Cooking” and we had a ton of food related panels. It’s tough to do actual food demos due to the rules and regulations, but we tried to do some new stuff and I think it worked. The BCC made a point to have more Asian-inspired food and it was pretty well received.

Q: What games will be in the tournament this year?
A: Not sure, but I can tell you that our game rooms folks are traveling the country and to some pretty awesome shows to bring the latest and greatest to the con.

Q: Have you ever thought about setting aside a panel room for large photoshoots, or roping an area off that people can use for 1 or 2 hour periods for fandom shoots? I did the Homestuck shoot last year and we took up most of the 4th floor with about 600 people, and it was so hard to hear since we couldn’t use megaphones or voice amplifying devices. Any solutions? It was far too hot outside, and now that the con is in August this year, it promises to be even hotter.
A: We have been testing the waters on this for a few years. We basically need dedicated space (which we are always short on) and dedicated staff (which we are always short on) but we are trying to test some things out to make it easier for you guys. A picture is worth 1000 words and we love seeing everyone together in cosplay. We do hear you.

Q: What games are gonna be in the game room this year?
A: I don’t think the final list is set and it will probably be much closer to con when they know what they will have. But the Otakon Video Game will be there for sure!

Q: What are the dates this year? And won’t you be in state college in Pennsylvania?
A: Aug 9- 11 and sadly, we will not be at State College. We’ve gotten a bit too big for the space.

Q: Will there be Pokemon cosplays there?
A: You can usually find a cosplay of just about anything. Last year I saw 4 Ice Cold Water Guys and Jesus on multiple occasions.

Q: Will Steam Powered Giraffe be there?
A: They have a cool sound, but I can’t comment on who is or is not coming unless they are officially announced. Sorry.

Q: When will the masquarade sign ups be available? And when will the tickets go on sale online?
A: Last year, their registration opened in June. Historically we open member registration in Feb or March. We are aiming for earlier.

Q: Are you going to do anything special for the 20th anniversary? It’s a big deal to turn 20 in japan so it would only be appropriate if something big happened.
A: I agree. 20 is a big deal in Japan. It will be a big deal for us too. More to come.

Q: Is Otakon just in July or are there mini events all year round?
A: We have events year round. In 2012, we had an anime screening at the Cherry Blossom Festival and the Music Fest (first ever!) in October. We are trying to expand and try new things.

Q: Are you guys doing the maid cafe again like last year?
A: It was a success last year and we plan to bring it back.

Q: You need to have a Kendo class/lesson…that would be awesome!
A: Most of our amazing programming comes from you guys! You should apply to host it as a panel or workshop.

Q: I thought Vic Mingonga was banned?
A: Where did you hear that? Vic is an amazingly talented guy and we are happy to have him back at Otakon this year.

Q: Will Otakon eventually open up more rooms in their room blocks in nearby hotels (hopefully the Hilton) like you guys did last year?
A: We are always trying to get as many rooms as we can. There are still some hotels with rooms as well!

Q: How many people are you expecting this year?
A: Last year was around 30,000 so I am guessing around that many.

Q: It’s more of a request. When you start holding your staff meetings can you PLEASE make sure ALL of your staff know the rules for attendees with special needs. Last year was a disaster. Some panels let me sit out of the line and go in first where others told me “You should have gotten here sooner. It wouldn’t be fair to the others” The main elevator broke down early Saturday and stayed broken so I was forced to go toward the fountain area just to get to the autograph sessions. It was poorly handled and I don’t appreciate the attitude I got from some of the security when I tried to tell them i was told differently when I purchased my badge.
A: I’ll pass this on to our coordinator. I’m really sorry to hear about that. We have around 700 (all volunteer btw) staff and sometimes things get lost in the communication. If you ever have issues, please ask them to radio for member services/special needs so they can get the right answer.