Fanime 2013 Hotels Sold Out

Fanime Hotel Blocks Sold Out

Fanime opened their ticket registration and hotel blocks at 12pm last Thursday and it was crazy. The main page didn’t load for us for 25 minutes and then when we went to check out the hotel page, it was the page from 2012. But people still got into the 2013 hotel page and bought all the things! The closest hotels were sold out in a matter of minutes. Upset con goers were asking if more hotel blocks would be opening up soon, but Fanime has yet to answer. We had to book our hotel by the airport which we weren’t too keen on, but at least San Jose has a light rail and I think we are going to make great use of that. Hopefully next year, Fanime will be a little more organized with their releasing of hotel rooms and registration. Did you get a room with Fanime?