Anime Detour: Getting Too Big?

We had a friend that was interested in covering Anime Detour for us. So we popped onto the website to get them a ticket and saw this:

Anime Detour Sold Out

Whaaaaat? Completely sold out a full 3 months before the con?! It’s something I’ve personally never seen before. After doing some research and seeing that last years attendance was a flat 5,000, it’s most likely that they are capped at that. So will they move to a bigger place next year? Considering they are the biggest con in Minnesota, AND the 2nd largest con in Minnesota (AniMinneapolis, held in June) is held at the SAME hotel, (…wut?) I think it would be a good idea to move. But who knows? I’ve been noticing that some cons like to keep themselves medium sized and if you don’t get a ticket? Try harder next time! How do you feel about cons that are getting too big but refuse to grow?