Soul Eater Not! Volume 1 Review

Demographic: Shonen
Age: Teen+

Summary: Soul Eater Not! By Atushi Okubo is a spin off of the ever so popular Soul Eater. This slice of life manga is follows freshman Tsugumi Harudori (a weapon) who soon becomes good friends with Meme Tatane and Anya Hepburn (meisters). It takes place before Sid is turned into a zombie and you will see a lot of familiar faces running in and out of scenes.

Soul Eater Not! Moe
Soul Eater Not! Moe

Story Line: Not too much of a story line going on here. In fact, I fear this review is going to be short because I don’t have much to say about it! Atushi Okubo might whip out some awesome action soon (there is the beginning of a “bad guy” plot) but this volume was more about getting to know the freshman class at DWMA. Oh! And some hardcore moe action of course.

Art: The art is basically the same as Soul Eater but with a little more chibi added. I really enjoy the Soul Eater art, so I’m glad the same style is included here.

Characters: I find the main character, Tsugumi, completely flat and boring. There just doesn’t seem to be any substance behind her. The best thing about her is her amazingly awesome school uniform. Meme (huge boobies, a little ditzy) is adorable and Anya (rich and temper filled) adds some great humor to this manga.

Overall: This manga definitely has it’s bright points. I found the ALL UP IN YOUR FACE moe, hilarious and Atushi is slowly (oh so slowly) hinting at some action. Unfortunately, the humor and small action was few and far between. [xrr rating=3/5]

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