Making a Great Cosplay Prop Doesn’t Have to Break the Bank

Madness Returns
Knightmare Hobby Horse

Making a cosplay prop can be daunting and expensive, but if you use your creativity, you can make a quality prop with things around the house. Sara, a cosplayer I took a picture of at Anime Expo, was cosplaying from Alice- Madness Returns. Her prop? A skeleton hobby horse. When she told me it was made all out of things she had around the house, my jaw dropped. The details! The smoothness! But how?

“The weapon is mostly made out of paper mache. The core of the weapon is a gardening shephard’s hook and the bone handles are wooden dowels. The antlers are coat hangers, tin foil and clay. The center horn is poster board. It’s all made from stuff around the house.”

Add some hardcore sanding and you have a well crafted, non-bank breaking prop.

Check out Sara’s deviantart here!