Mikleo Cosplay

Mikleo Tales of Zestiria Cosplay Photoshoot

This was our second shoot of the weekend with Lowen Cosplay. For this shoot, we wanted to have the options of water, but also be near a lot of nature. We decided on Lincoln Park in West Seattle. It’s a park I forget about frequently, and I really shouldn’t! I has a lot of variety in terms of nature and is absolutely huge! We decided to start our shoot at the water/beach area. This meant climbing down some steep hills and trying not to slide/fall on everyone in front of us. That was the easy part though. Climbing back up was a doozy and I felt awful for Kevin who was hauling all our gear. We eventually made it up just a little more winded and sweaty. There were also some fun water props for this shoot! They brought a mini bubble machine (which promptly broke after we were done using it, luuucckky!) and some spray bottles to get a cool misting effect with our flash gels. Lowen Cosplay has since returned to Japan, but I hope we have the opportunity to work with her again in the future!

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