Louis Kisaragi Cosplay

Louis Kisaragi Cosplay Photoshoot

The first time we worked with Lowen Cosplay was at Fanime 2015. We absolutely had a blast with her and her boyfriend during the shoot and I was a little bummed when she told us she was moving to Japan. I followed her Japan adventures on Twitter for 2 years and was super surprised when she e-mailed me asking to do some cosplay photoshoots in Seattle!  I leaped at the opportunity and here we have the results of our first Seattle shoot with her! When thinking of locations for Louis (from King of Prism: Pride the Hero), I wanted an area that had sleek/clean looking architecture and lush foliage. I felt that Volunteer Park in Seattle had just what we needed. Beautiful late summer flowers and huge green leaves that actually felt like sandpaper. The Asian Art Museum is in the center of the park and has these beautiful art deco doors. Lucky for us, the museum was under construction, so the doors were closed and no body was hanging around. Lowen Cosplay and her boyfriend also brought some props (yay!) which were feathers that we threw way too many times and some fairy lights. This truly felt like a collaborative shoot with many different ideas coming together to create some lovely images.

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