Jack the Ripper- Hell Blade Volume 1 Review

Demographic: Seinen
Age: 16+
[xrr rating=4/5]

Summary: Jack the Ripper- Hell Blade by JeTae Yoo is based on the old story of Jack the ripper. In the city of London, young women (typically prostitutes) are being murdered in gruesome ways. A detective agency is trying to figure out who Jack really is and why he’s doing it.

Story Line: The story starts out with Roy who works for the detective agency that is working on the Jack the ripper case. Him and his partner are doing a bad job tracing Jack, so the agency brings in two insane dudes to take over the job. They seem to do a good job at tailing Jack and they are interesting characters brought in to a over done story. There are some twists, especially when you start to learn a little about who Jack is and why he does what he does. A familiar character from a popular book series pops up at the end of the volume, which I think could add an even more interesting plot.

Art: The art is creepy, in a good way. You see some of the murder scenes in this volume and they are very detailed, which I think added to the story. I really like the way Jack is drawn. He’s dark, has mysterious clothing and is very tall which shows his power.

Characters: You don’t really find too much out about the characters in this volume. They all seem mysterious and twisted, which flows great with the story and leaves you wanting more.

Overall: I will definitely be reading volume 2 when it comes out. I feel like volume 1 was a little tease that left me wanting more.

Jack the Ripper: From Hell is out on July 3rd, 2012 and can be purchased here: