Witch Hunter Volumes 1 & 2- Manhwa edition

Demographic: Shonen

Age: Young Teen+

[xrr rating=5/5]


Summary: Witch Hunter by Cho Jung-Man, is set in a world where witches have declared a war on man kind and caused most of the world to fall apart. A group of people called Witch Hunters (WH) have the power to destroy the witches. The story follows Tasha Godspell who is one of the most powerful Witch Hunters around and his partner Halloween who is a sword carrying jack-o-lantern.

Story Line: I can tell that Witch Hunter is going to have a lot of surprises and plot twists in the future. In these two volumes, the author was setting up a lot of interesting scenarios that have yet to be answered. That being said, there wasn’t too much of a story line. Most of it was introductions and learning about each of the characters and how their powers work in action. There was a lot of humor injected throughout and I really enjoyed it. Some times writers can put humor in at the wrong time which can ruin a good battle or a climax in the plot, Cho Jung-man has perfect timing in his writing.

Art Style: I really loved the drawings in this. Tasha reminded me a lot of Allen from D. Gray Man and Halloween reminded me Lero, also from D. Gray Man. The outfits for all the witches range from awesomely sexy to completely adorable and I was already contemplating how I could cosplay some of them.

Overall: Witch Hunter is already a great manhwa with lovely art style, interesting and funny characters and plenty of action. I can see the story becoming drama filled and bad ass. I highly recommend you grab a copy.

Witch Hunter volumes 1 & 2 (Omnibus) comes out June 5th. You can order a copy here: