10 Ways Ouran High School Host Club Can Cheer You Up!

1) They love to dress up!
From their everyday uniforms, the Alice in Wonderland episode to corsets and ball gowns, these boys are downright fancy.

For some reason Mori is the only one not wearing a dress?dressup-alice

The Alice in Wonderland episode has to be one of my favorite!

2) They are great hosts!
This is a group of really attractive boys who make it their goal to entertain each of their guests. They’ll listen to you. Tell you you’re pretty. Bring you cake.

sweets! Speaking of cake,
3) There are always sweets!
Nothing helps an icky mood more, than a yummy treat!

4) Kawaii overload.
Overload like OMG. This show wrecks of cute. Their lives embody kawaii.

5) They are truly a charismatic group.
They play the silliest games, and simply live to have a good time, which definitely rubs off on you.

6) At least one of the hosts will steal your heart.Tamaki
It was always Tamaki for me. He’s so innocent and fun. He’s like a non-stop fount of bombass ideas.

hikaruHikaru is a close second.He’s definitely less mature than his brother, and plenty more emotional. I like that he’s more juvenile in his feelings. They pure and uncontrollable. To me, that proves how passionate he is. Besides, Kaoru decides to give up on Haruhi for Hikaru. So, I figure he’d give me up too, which is just like not caring which twin you get. It’s as if he won’t ever love anyone more than he loves Hikaru and I’m not willing to compete with that.

7) Things get real.
Sometimes, the show get’s insanely deep and touches your soul. Like out of nowhere one of the characters will spout off a tear-jerking sonnet.

8) Haruhi is a kick ass female lead.
She’s insightful and bold. She knows who she is and doesn’t really give a crap what anyone else thinks.


9) Tame erotica? If that’s even possible.

That time with Kyoya and Haruhi, whoop!


10) Renge’s random appearances.
When she first appeared on the show, I was like who the hell is this? But her surprise commentary is hilarious.